May 30, 2011

About Frugal Kids

Do you want to have fun with your children?  Do you want to create memories that will last a lifetime in the minds and hearts of your kids?  Do you want to do this on a shoestring budget?  If you answered yes then this blog is for you.  Experts state that it cost around $240,000 to raise a child.  Through this blog I will provide practical low cost strategies and activities that will provide the same experiences but at a fraction of the cost.  More money does not equal more fun.  My blog will provide great educational and recreational activities that your children will talk about for years.  I will also be giving you a heads up on any bargains or deals I find on children’s items.   

I am a Christian wife, mother, and educator.  I’ve been an educator in the public school system for ten years, I’ve working in my church for seventeen years, and I’ve been teaching college classes for the past year.  So altogether I’ve taught children from birth through adults in college.  I love learning and teaching!  So most of my activities posted here will probably have some kind of education slant to them.  Besides teaching and children I have a passion for frugal living.  Combine that together and you have frugal kids!  

I live in the Midwest with my wonderful husband and two active sons.  For the purposes of this blog, we are using nicknames.  JJ is my husband, Angel Baby is my toddler, and Luke (as in Luke Skywalker) is my soon to be third grader.   We are currently home schooling my oldest son.  In the past he has attended private and public schools. 

Our lives changed after the birth of our second son.  I decided to quit my full time teaching job, stay home more, and home school my oldest son.  With these changes also came some budget changes.  I was already a fairly frugal person, but now it has taken on a whole new level.  After becoming a stay-at-home mom, I discovered I could make my own baby food, use cloth diapers, and entertain my kids using stuff around my house.  So stick around awhile and we can learn together how raise frugal kids. 

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