May 31, 2011

Summer Fun List

Memorial Day has come and gone so bring on the summer fun!  Here is our family’s summer to do list:

  1. Church camp
  2. Vacation Bible School
  3. Hike at the state park
  4. Visit a science museum
  5. Make a volcano
  6. Shoot fireworks
  7. Bottle rocket night
  8. Make popcorn balls
  9. Make pinwheels
  10. Swim once a week
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Library reading program
  13. Go to a library movie night
  14. Hunt for fireflies
  15. Go canoeing
  16. Go camping
  17. Go fishing
  18. Visit a Cardinal’s game
  19. Build a clubhouse
  20. Visit family around the state
  21. Go to a waterpark

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