Aug 3, 2011

Coupon Exchange Idea

On a trip through our local library's lobby, a white box with the word coupons on it caught my eye.  I ran over to see what was in this box.  (Notice the word ran - it's hard to take a one-year-old to a public library!)  A mom from my homeschool group set up a coupon exchange in that box.  Here's how it works:

1)  Each person puts coupons they don't want in a clear plastic bag.  Also included in the bag is a note card with the person's name at the top.  The plastic bag gets placed in the coupon box, along with many other bags of coupons.
2)  Anyone who comes in the library is welcome to sort through the bags of coupons and take what he/she needs. 
3)  As you go through the coupons, you write your name on the note card to remind yourself that you've looked through that coupon bag.
4)  If you see any expired coupons while searching, you remove them and put them in the bag marked for expired coupons.  These get sent to military families. 

I'm so excited to start participating in this coupon exchange!  My only problem now is how to keep my one-year-old entertained long enough to look through the coupons!

Do you participate in a coupon exchange?  If so, please share the details.

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