Sep 8, 2011

Disposing the Piles of Artwork

I save everything.  My husband saves everything, and now our oldest son, Luke, saves everything.  This creates difficulties when you have art work coming home from preschool, church, and now homeschooling.  I quickly realized that there was no way I could keep everything, but it is so hard for me to throw things away!  I figured out how to handle this problem though. 

Christmas Tree - December 2004

  • Take a picture of the item.  It's even better if you can take a picture of your child holding the artwork.
  • File the picture in your computer by name and date.
  • You and your child can then go back and view the pictures anytime you feel like it.

It's that easy.  Now I can dispose of the children's artwork without feeling guilty.  Of course, I do save some now and then.

Noodle Pumpkin - October 2005

Do you have solutions for keeping or disposing of children's artwork?

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