Jun 7, 2011

Picture Book Math Part 1

Being a teacher, I love to read.  Since I taught math most of the years I was in public school, I love to read math related picture books to my kids.  I’m going to share some of my favorite math related picture books in this series.  Try finding these books at your local library before purchasing them.  You can also try PaperBack Swap.  I haven’t tried the swap, but I’ve heard good things about it. 

Math Curse
By Jon Scieszka
Illustrated by Lane Smith
My all time favorite math book!  I’ve always started the school year with this book.  My age recommendation for this book is older elementary grades on up.  (My seventh and eighth graders enjoyed this book.)  The main character in this delightful book wakes up to a day where everything is a problem, a math problem!  She must go through her day solving a variety of different types of math problems.  Kids will love this one!

How Much is a Million?
By David M. Schwartz
Illustrated by Steven Kellogg
This is another book more appropriate for upper elementary and middle school grades.  Sometimes students have a hard time grasping how much a million really is.  This book gives kids a friendly, fun description and even a picture of a million.  Then it goes on to describe a billion and trillion with goldfish and stars. 

Click here to view Part 2.

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