Jun 8, 2011

Picture Book Math Part 2

One Grain of Rice:  A Mathematical Folktale
By: Demi

After doing a good deed, Rani, an Indian village girl, convinces the raja to give her a single grain of rice.  The people are suffering from a drought, and the raja refuses to give the people rice from his storehouses.  The raja agrees to Rani’s request, but insists on giving her more.  Rani asks for her rice to be doubled each day for thirty days.  Each beautiful illustration shows how the doubling of rice starts to surprise the raja.  Rani ends up getting more than a billion grains of rice on the thirtieth day.  The book illustrates this with fold out pages to delight children.  The raja learns how to be generous in the end.  I have seen children from grade two through grade eight enjoy this story. 

The M&M’s Brand Counting Book

By:  Barbara Barbieri McGrath
This book is great for younger children, preschool through grade one.  Chocolate M&M illustrations teach children about colors, counting, grouping, adding, subtracting, and simple shapes.  It’s even more fun to add real M&M’s to the learning experience!

Click here to view Part 1.

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