Jul 8, 2011

Creation Museum of the Ozarks

Does anyone know where Branson, Missouri is?  The Creation Museum of the Ozarks has a vision to build a Creation Museum in Branson.  We visited the Creation Museum in Strafford, Missouri today for a field trip.  My older son and his friend loved it.  (Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy running after a one-year-old.)  Anyway, we had an awesome time!

First we visited the hands-on corner.  The kids played with a bunch of different dinosaurs and puppets, looked at books, and put together puzzles.  Then we were given a guided tour of the museum.  The tour was wonderful.  Our tour guide explained how dinosaurs lived at the same time as man.  She showed the kids Bible verses, fossils, paintings, and many artifacts to support Creationism.  After the tour, we went to a back room where we watched a couple of videos.  We saw what it may have been like when God flooded the earth in Noah's time, how canyons are made, and how small our planet really is compared to the rest of the universe.  I am so excited about their vision for a new museum in Branson!

Have you visited a great, educational place with your family?

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