Jul 26, 2011

Finding a Cure for Dumping Toys on the Floor

My toddler is going through a phase of dumping everything out on the floor.  He doesn't really play with anything, but he loves scattering wooden blocks, mega blocks, and magnetic alphabet letters all over the kitchen and living room.  Yesterday he got out his magnetic letters and asked me to open them.  As I did, I spied an empty ice cream bucket on the shelf.  I showed him how to dump his letters into the bucket, rather than on the floor.  He thought that was a great game!  Today we are going to work on moving his blocks from one container to another rather than dumping and scattering them.  Hopefully this game will last a few weeks until he's back to actually playing with the toys again!

Do you have any ideas for controlling toy messes?

1 comment:

  1. Your idea is great. Letting him keep the kids toys through playing a game is a fantastic idea. Teaching him arrange his things in a different way will keep him playing.