Jul 23, 2011

Favorite Websites We Use For Homeschooling

We incorporate the Internet into our homeschooling in several different ways.  I use the Internet to search for resources and lesson ideas.  We also allow Luke to use it to reinforce skills he is currently working on or struggling with.  Here are just a few of our favorite websites:

1.  Homeschool Freebie of the Day - This site allows you to download some kind of ebook, PDF document, audio drama, etc. everyday.  If you join their mailing list, you also get subscriber exclusive links.  We have found many great resources and other fun stuff through this site. 

2.  Homeschool Radio Shows - Do your children enjoy listening to radio dramas?  Luke can listen to these for hours if we let him!  This site contains living books for the ears.  We have downloaded many just for fun audio books and other historical audio books from this wonderful site.

3.  Kids Answers - This website is part of the Answers in Genesis site.  Last year we watched many videos from their website, including videos about pyramids and dinosaurs.  These always lead to great discussions at our house. Kids can also read articles from current or pass Kids Answers Magazine, read short articles about a variety of animals, watch a ton of different Bible based videos, or print one of their many different activities.  I feel very comfortable allowing Luke to explore anything on this website. 

4.  Fun 4 the Brain - I have not explored everything on this website, but we used this a lot for math facts review.  Luke really liked the subtraction and multiplication games.  He would beg to be allowed to play on this site. 

5.  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Are you lacking a manipulative to model a specific math skill?  Then this site is for you!  I used these virtual manipulatives many times when teaching math in public school.  Now we use it in our homeschool.  I found this especially helpful when dealing with positives and negative numbers in algebra.  They also have many mind bending puzzles for a variety of topic and skill levels. 

6.  Spelling City - This site offers a variety of spelling practice activities, quizzes, and tests all centered around your own spelling lists.  We only used the free portion of this site, but you can join to get more options.  Luke enjoyed playing games with his spelling words, and when I was very pressed for time, he even took his spelling test on the site.  This also allowed him to work on his typing skills.

Please share your favorite websites with us. 


  1. We have started exploring Homeschool Literature (Homeschoolliterature.com). It is a site that lists and reviews books about homeschoolers and by homeschoolers. The site has book lists by grade. We have enjoyed using it so far, I look forward to seeing more books listed there. I will add that we love Spelling City. The ability to make our onw lists based on my daughter's interests at the time, or books she is reading is a real plus for us.

  2. Thanks, Linda. I added homeschoolliterature.com to my favorites after checking it out. I love the fact that they have learning activities to go along with the books.