Jul 9, 2011

Fostering a Love of Learning

As a public school teacher, sometimes it seemed so hard to show kids how to love to learn.  There were so many pressures for good state test scores, data, benchmark test scores, meeting state curriculum guidelines, etc.  I saw so many kids who were just there, doing the work, because they had no other choice.  Now as a homeschooling teacher, I pray that I will teach my sons to love to learn.

Yesterday as we visited the Creation Museum of the Ozarks, I saw the spark of learning in my oldest son's eyes.  He listened to our tour guide, answered, and asked questions.  When asked if he would like to view a video, he was very excited.  All of the videos were documentaries, geared more for adults.  After each video, he asked questions and asked to see another.  I love to see him enjoying learning.  He's not even realizing that he's learning!

I just want to encourage everyone, whether your kids go to public or private school or you homeschool.  Find out what your child is interested in, and then follow that interest until his/her interest changes.  Right now Luke is interested in science, dinosaurs, and the military.  We try to find books and websites to read on these topics.  He's now started a blog where he writes mostly about nature.  We try to take several nature walks a week, and we visit every science center and conservation center that we can find.  Whatever you child is interested in, follow his/her lead, and he/she will learn more than you can imagine!

How do you foster a love of learning in your child?

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