Jul 29, 2011

Movie Review - Pilgrims Progress: Journey to Heaven

I'm not a big fan of letting my kids watch movies or television, but I have to recommend this movie.  Pilgrims Progress: Journey to Heaven is a movie based on the book by John Bunyan called Pilgrims Progress.  It is about a man named Christian who literally has to walk a narrow path to the Eternal City while carrying a heavy burden on his back.  Many times Christian is tempted to get off his path by things that look good or easy, and he does decided to get off the path a few times.  Each time he gets off the path, he has to face the consequences and then find his way back to the path.  We started watching this with Luke when he was six.  Now there are some scary parts that we skipped past when he was that young.  I though the whole story would go right over his head, but it didn't!  This is one of his favorite movies, and he has watched it over and over again.  What excites me is the conversations he starts about the movie.  He asks deep questions and we are able to discuss Bible verses and complicated issues with Luke.

Just last week in the car, he asked me why there is so much evil in the world today.  In his mind, it's so easy to follow Christ, he doesn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to follow Him.  I referred to the movie, Pilgrims Progress, as we talked.  I reminded him of how Christian had to walk the straight and narrow path to get to Christ.  It was so easy for him to get distracted and get off his path by things that look good at the time.  It's the same way with evil in the world.  The other path is wide and tempting.  It looks fun and easy.  Many want to travel that path instead of the narrow path.  That was all the explanation Luke needed. He said, "Oh, that makes sense.  Thanks."

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