Jul 2, 2011

Lesson Learned from Kitchen Mistakes

Today I thought I would get up early and make Fourth of July treats for our Sunday School classes and for the party we are going to attend tomorrow.  My idea was to make star shaped crispy cereal treats with sprinkles and chocolate chip cookie cakes.  Here's a picture story of my morning. 

The cereal treats did not come out as expected.  They were too sticky, and I learned that you should cool them more than a few minutes before using cookie cutters on them. 

The first batch of cookie cakes were too thick and did not get done in the middle.  Yuck!

I tried to make the cookie cakes thinner, and they stuck to the pan!

Then I gave up and thought I would just make cookies.  As my oldest son, Luke, was pouring the dry ingredients in the cookie mixture, my youngest son scared him.  Luke dropped the flour mixture all over the floor.  Notice his footprint in it too!

I finally got a tray of semi-okay cookies for the party tomorrow.  We'll see how they taste.  Now I have pizza dough mixing in the bread machine.  Who knows what will happen with that!

So besides the obvious cooking lessons I learned today, I found a life lesson in my morning.  Sometimes as Luke gets frustrated with his math or spelling mistakes, he just wants to give up.  I was getting frustrated and grouchy in the kitchen this morning, and I wanted to give up.  Luke and I talked it over and decided it was not okay for me to be grouchy about my mistakes, but to learn from them.  We discussed how he has to learn from his spelling mistakes, and now I have to learn from my cooking mistakes.  

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