Jul 22, 2011

Training Toddlers To Do Chores

I didn't put much effort in training my oldest son how to do chores at an early age.  Now, at age eight, it is a chore to get him to do chores!  When he was little, I was working full time and working on my graduate degree, and I just didn't feel like I had time to get him involved in chores.  Now that I am a part-time stay at home mom, I've decided to do things differently with our one-year-old.  Can you train one-year-olds to do chores?  Sure!  They can help out in so  many areas.  Here is a list of what he helps me do:

1.  Wipe off his high chair tray.
2.  Wipe water spills on the floor. 
3.  Put wet laundry in the dryer.
4.  Push laundry baskets across the floor to the appropriate room.
5.  Help big brother put away his shoes.
6.  Pick up his own toys.
7.  Help push the vacuum cleaner.
8.  Use the dust buster on small spills.
9.  Sweep the floor with his little broom while I sweep with the big broom.
10.  Empty and fill the dishwasher.
11.  Throws diapers in trash, and then takes the trash bag out to the garage.

Now I could do all these chores a lot faster, and a lot better, if I didn't have a one-year old helping, but he is so excited about helping.  Not only is he learning about being a valuable part of our family, he is working on his gross and fine motor skills with these chores.  Since he is constantly at my side helping me, we are also working on language and social skills.  I see chores as a learning experience in so many areas!

Do you have any hints for getting kids to do chores? 

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