Jul 15, 2011

Toddler Balloon Fun

This activity provided hours of fun when Luke was a toddler, and it  is so easy to put together.  All you need is a paint stirring stick, a sturdy paper plate (tape two together if you have flimsy plates), a balloon, tape and crayons.

First, have your child decorate the paper plate.  Any design will work.

Next tape the paint stirring stick to the paper plate.  I think masking tape would work best, but I only had scotch tape. 

Use the stick as a handle, and show your toddler how to hit the balloon with the paddle.  We made two so our kids could paddle the balloon back and forth.

This activity would be easy and fun for a play date, preschool class, or Sunday School Class.

Do you have any quick, easy toddler activities to share?

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